Friday, November 22, 2002


Last monday night - No bed , No job , No language , No friends

Friday afternoon - Apartment , job , Language classes , No friends

Just spent the last two hours in Berlitz Language Academy. I start training on monday next. The pay isn´t great but that is because things are quiet in the run up until christmas. My hours are scattered throughout the day. Some of it will be business english out in the american express office. The school has five centres around the city but all are on the metro.
But as with everything it turns out to be a feast or a famine. Just listened to a voicemail as I logged on here. It is about another interview. Probably better pay because it would be under the table I´m sure. Think I´ll stick with Berlitz because I want the extra training and it would help me get a job with them in other countries I´m sure. And of course they will teach me spanish for free as of friday next ! Pay will improve in january with a proper contract.

Accepted the first place with the media guy. I don´t move in until 27th November and no deposit required until then. That helps me hold out for the other place.

I´m finding the spanish to be really friendly here (with the exception of the internet staff who are still in need of that navan headbutt). That says alot for the people when you consider that it is the capital city and a few times the size of Dublin (I think).

Those of you with a shoe fettish need to get your asses over here. A shoe shop in madrid is what a pub is to dublin. I reckon that shoe shops are probably the reason that starbucks can´t break into the market here.

Today the plan is to find another spanish course. I don´t have the patience for one class a week. Other challenges today include opening a bank account and stopping the mobile phone company from ripping me off with some crazy pricing option. Oh yeah ...and eat some more tapas.

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