Saturday, November 23, 2002

Today is the first time that I have taken my face out of the maps and actually looked around at this cities greatest asset...the señitas. I have to say that that they are a bit on the beautiful side (and it is my duty while out here to foster the trans-european Iberian/Meath relations.)

Jorje intoduced me to a girl at salsa in who was on holidays in Dublin. Her name is Maria Luisa and she teaches english in madrid. Maria told me to get in touch once in madrid. I ve looked her up and she is organising an interview with another language school for me. I m also going to meet up with herself and her friends shortly. This is a great chance to get to know some people. I m socially starved at the moment.

I went to her apartment for lunch the other day. I ate Octopus for the first time. Her boyfriend does alot of diving in portugal and likes to spear the odd sea urchin for the laugh. It was really tasty, especially with olive oil and garlic.

Beggers can t be choosers...but I m no begger no more. For this very reason I m going to suss out this other language school as something to fall back on just in case it is a more attractive prospect than Berlitz. Berlitz were very vague about teaching in july and august and so I want to cover my options.

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