Thursday, November 21, 2002

Decided to look for a place to live instead of looking for a job today.

Spent the first half making phonecalls and deciphering the ads in the newspapers.In the end I only looked at three places.

First one - Really cool place. Just two metro stops from where it all happens. To share with a spanish/latin guy who works in the media and so travels alot. That means that I would have the place very much to myself. Small like all spanish apartments. The guy seems cool. He has damn all english which suits me. It is mine if I want it. I am to ring him at 10 am tomorrow.

Second - To share with two italian stoned crusties. Another great location. However they don´t seem to wash the dishes and the flat wasn´t too desirable. I don´t think so.

Third - The flat of my dreams ! On the second floor of a new building. On the metro but way out of the city centre. You should see this place. It is a two level flat. One side is all windows with the bedrooms overlooking the living room. One of the guys is a brilliant photographer. The other is a spanish girl who works in marketing. Problem is that I won´t hear until monday next and it is not free until dec 1st. But seriously, It is worth the risk and wait. It even has a swimming pool in the complex. What do you think guys ?

I went to CLub Tropica last night. Madrids biggest salsa club. A big crowd and it was only wednesday. The bachatas were cool to watch. Standard of dancing amongst the lads was amazing. Not as many great female dancers but the girls who were good, were spectacular. A good mix of styles. I felt more at home here than the last place. The lads all do a routine to one of the songs. I saw it the other night aswell. It is cooler than cool. Has got to be a lady killer ! I´ve heard about cuban style classes. I plan to join them soon. Think that I´ll need to go into the beginners class for a lesson or two.

Berlitz rang again tonight. The last interview was over the phone and the said that they have nothing until january. Tonight they asked could I come in for an interview tomorrow. Maybe that is a good sign. They like to give you a weeks training so I´m hoping that perhaps it might be some forward planiing for january. I´d settle for that becuse I could do a spanish course for december.

I don´t think that I´ll be on the town tonight. Think it will be just be me and the linguaphone ! Rest is needed before some more vigorous job hunting tomorrow.