Thursday, November 28, 2002

Níl aon tinteán mar do thinteán féin.

At last! My own home! Moved out of the hostal and into my apartment yesterday. I didnt get offered the really cool place so I stuck with the first one.

I m living with a guy called Vladimir form Cuba. He is works in TV production. He is a cool guy. I live above a supermarket and I m only thirty meters from the metro. Work is four stops away. It feels as if I m living in a jungle with the number of plants that are in the place. I have yet to see as good a place for as cheap elsewhere. My rent is 270 euros per month.

What amazes me about Vladimir is that he more or less grew up in Miami but yet has damn all english. It seems as if he never left the latin quarter until he went to study in spain.

Spanish classes are coming on well. I can speak the "cupla focal anois". Trying to spend a few hours at it every night.

I will be finishing work at about 3.30 every day until christmas which means that I m essentially a man of leisure. In spite of this I never seem to have a moment to myself in the day. There is so much beauracracy in this country. It is alot worse than Germany.