Thursday, November 28, 2002


I think I spoke too soon. Good old Vlady has announced that his mother is coming over for a month and he wants me to move out by the 1st december. I don´t believe that for a second. I reckon he has a friend who wants to move in. In other words I ve been told to move out the day after I moved in. He says it is only for a month but you can see what is coming next. I could object but there is no point. I m happy to move on if that is the type of person. So tomorrow morning I m going to go on the hunt again.

But thats not all.

I was too annoyed to stay in the flat this afternoon so I bought a newspaper to find another apartment. I was really engulfed in the classifieds , in a cafe, when my coat was stolen from the back of my chair. I still can´t figure it out. At what moment, I don´t know. My new phone was in it along with other unimportant papers. I knew the city could t be as honest as it seemed on the surface. (I caught a peruvian dude trying to steal my wallet yesterday aswell.) Anyway, I went directly to the phone shop and bought a new one. My newest number is 635336965 .

I am more annoyed about being shafted than I am upset about losing the flat. I ll look for somewhere bigger this time and hopefully with a group of spaniards. Things appeared too easy until now so I can t complain that much. At least now I know what I ll be doing for the weekend.