Monday, November 25, 2002

Mental Note : Do not grow pony tail and sell CDs on a rug in the main Plaza.
Just saw two police men beating the living daylights of the said species. I guess nobody told them of Francos death.

Started work (training). We are encouraged to use interesting themes in the classroom. This means that I am free to extole the virtues of the Meath team. It wont be long before "Hercules" aka Mick Lyons is a household name in Madrid and this nation will fully appreciate the genius of a man by the name of Giles.

One thing that I like about here is the streets are being cleaned all day and all night. They never stop. It shows too.

Had my first spanish class tonight. I have three evening classes a week - Mon, Wed, Fri. Crazy language !!!

Did the groove on saturday night. Packed. Could hardly move, so I didn t.

Went to a Cuban salsa class on sunday. I was late. It started on time. I didn t join in though I can t wait to learn the style. Times clash with my language classes ( you should see my teacher) so I might have to give it a miss until january. Perhaps somewhere else.

For once it isn t raining !!!

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