Wednesday, November 20, 2002

I´ve just come on line. Bad day so far. Berlitz probably don´t want me until january and that isn´t definite. Back to square one again. can´t decide which to look for first. A job or accomodation. hundreds of language schools but they are scattered all over the city so I´ve spent the last hour trying to decide where to apply to next. Don´t know if they read email applications so I want to go in in person but that is time consuming.

The weather is sunny and mild. The city looks completely different. There is a real buzz about the place.

I´m considering joining a language school for next week. I need to get on top of this language.

Went to salsa last night. Different style. I guess I´ll have to ditch the spinning while here. Really subtle and smooth moves and kind of cuban.In other words everything but my style! was a bit disappointed with the standard last night even though it was fairly full.

My new telephone number is 635 265 050.

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