Tuesday, November 19, 2002

This will be short because I have an interview tomorrow for Berlitz. At least I think it will be tomorrow.

I only arrived here on monday but kept a low key up until I left. It is raining here since I arrived last night. A bit cold but you wouldn t need gloves. So far I have met nobody at all but that is because I am all day trying to get myself oriented with the streets. It is busy all of the time and everybody smiles except for the 18 yr old lads. They are the type that work in the internet cafes and could do with a quality meath headbutt to teach them some manners.

I like it here. It took me until this evening to really enjoy the city but that is because I was walking around the less pleasant parts until now. The metro system is cool and the city feels very safe. In other words there are no "Monaghan Scumbags". The tapas are beautiful and I reckon that that is what they spend their money on instead of copious amounts of pints like us Irish.

I have only applied to two schools so far and both are acting interested. It took me the whole day to find them even though they were next door to each other on the main street!!

Tonight I might go salsa dancing. There are loads of salsa clubs in the city but they all seem to be hidden so I had to look them up on the net. It seems that you can salsa seven days a week.

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