Friday, November 29, 2002

I m back in the game.

I ve spent the whole day looking. It was a real pain in the ass. The last apartment on my list was the only successful sortie. The others were either terrible holes or the I didn t like the people ( because they didn t like me). It was a real pain because it is rare that you come across anybody who can talk the old Ingles. I find that I can understand people if they want me to understand them.

Anyway my bedroom in the last apartment isn t great at all. It is small and I ll have to buy a bedside locker or something. However there are six people living there, all spanish except for two french girls. The atmosphere seemed great. There was nothing but laughing going on in the kitchen. I m inclined to take it because apart from the bedroom that I have, it is a grand flat. The two bathrooms are up to standard as is the kitchen. It would be a good idea from a language point of view to live with them and it would be good craic aswell. However the bedroom is holding me back a bit. I have to meet the landlady tomorrow at 12.30 with the deposit.

I ll look at three more tomorrow morning. One sounds great except that it is with a japanese girl and a german guy. I ll wait and see.

Another is with an english guy who is living here long term. His spanish is perfectly fluent.

The third is with a spanish girl who doesn t want me to call by too early tomorrow because she will be clubbing til 7am. I like her style !

Then tomorrow afternoon, I buy a coat !

But now , I m going hit the dance floor for the night.