Monday, December 02, 2002

Moved into my second apartment on saturday. I moved into the flat with the six people ( it is actually eight). Everybody is really friendly and they speak damn all english which is forcing my spanish to improve. One of them got married on saturday and for some reason he was back in the apartment drinking with all of us last night. I enjoyed it and it broke the ice with everyone. Plenty of wine and olives for the night. It felt like months since I last had a good loud laugh.

I have the most horrible room imagineable but the apartment is nice. All of the other bedrooms are really comfortable and alot bigger so I might hold out for one of those in a few months. However the best thing about the apartment is that it is right in the city centre. I live about two hundred meters from work and everything is within five minutes of my doorstep. There is also an english cinema on my street (no matter how much I need to work on my spanish I will never go to a dubbed film). I live in a very residential quarter and despite its location, all of the shops would depend on locals for their trade. Thirty euros cheaper than the last place aswell.

Started teaching this morning. It went grand. In one of the classes I have a 19yr old student who likes to watch girls play football as a hobby. You should see the cut of this lad. Black bomber jacket, crew cut, turn ups and big Sinbad ear rings.

I talked before about how the street cleaning never stops. Now I´m noticing how the spanish throw their litter on the ground all the time.So which was was a reaction to which, I don´t know.

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