Tuesday, September 02, 2003

The holidays are over and so it is back to the real world for us all.

At long last the streets are crowded again and locals are out numbering tourists for the first time since early May. This is a welcome change as during the summer months it was very easy to forget that 4.5 million people lived in Communidad de Madrid. Today however the population made its presence known, when it felt something like Christmas Eve on Grafton street. The reason for the recent crowds is that on sunday last, the entire population returned en mass from their month long family holiday. As a result, this week is not only seen as a time to reunite with friends but also, more importantly, as a chance for the girls to show off the TAN, and for the lads to boast of their conquests.

In contrast with previous occasions when I travelled home from Madrid, this time I undoubtedly had an established life here to return to. This is something that I am very proud of given that it was what I had initially set out to try and achieve. However that said, after my days spent at home, on the Aran Islands, aswell as an unforgettable weeks sailing, Madrid despite all its qualities cannot but feel extremely dull for the time being.

I am almost a year living in Spain and often boast of how settled I have become within this time. However I have now learned that an extended spell in Ireland will never fail to throw me out of sorts for a short period on my return. I guess I m just too Irish for my own liking.

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