Monday, January 06, 2003

Madrid 2003

My liver is over a week into its forced exile from Ireland. Together we are slowly re-adapting to Paella breath in the place of guinness fumes.

Christmas is still in full swing over here with it being the 6th of January. I was nearly run over outside the apartment this morning, by the junior branch of Hells Angels on their new motorised scooters. They were delivered last night courtesy of their royal magic highnesses - Balthazar, Melchoir and Kaspar. I´d love to know why they couldn´t just give them camels like their own ?

There was a huge parade last night as the three magic dudes rode into town. Just like saint Paddys day except with lots of camels instead of Irish Americans ( where did we go wrong ). It was a great laugh. You should have seen the absolute amazement on the kids faces when they caught a glimpse of their Kings. It was all done really well. Because of the day thats in it we had a bank holiday of course. There seemed to be more excitement on the streets about today than for christmas eve.

Work is going well. Because of the festivities nobody is in the mood to learn anything. It means I get to just sit back and chat to them for the hour of class.

I had a talk with my director and I´ll be getting a better contract in mid january. The reason being that I never made myself available for full teaching hours until now because I wanted to do spanish classes. However I´m a bit too poor for my liking at the moment and so the spanish classes will have to go on hold. It won´t matter because I´ll be swapping english classes for spanish classes with my spanish teacher. If the new contract falls through I´ll have to change schools though. At the moment however I have had more hours than usual because most of the other teachers haven´t returned yet.

I must say some of those classes are more pleasing to the eye than my own ! I wonder do the spanish mix business with pleasure ?

And finally, who made the biggest fool of themselves on New Years Eve ?

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