Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Just finished class for the day.

You really get an insight into your students minds when you get them to play "who am I". I give one student the name of a famous person and all of the others have to figure out who it is. It is great for making them comfortable with speaking english. The questions they asked are as follows and in this order -
1; Are you a matador?
2; Do I want to sleep with you?
3; Are you a terrorist?
4; Is it IL PAPA !.....oh..ok..are you a man or a woman?
It is great on a day when you have no energy for grammar.

The city is in full swing for christmas. Plenty of peruvians singing "FELIZ NAVIDAD" and the kids are excited about getting presents on January 6th from "the three wise men". The big dinner is on "Noche Buena " - Christmas eve ( exact translation is The Good Night)

I went to a new salsa club on saturday. Club Ozono. Its the business. Really funky music and cool dancers. Any two free drinks with your entrance fee of 10 euro (standard in madrid). The scary looking bouncers walk around with trays of tapas for you to help yourself to. Open until 7am or later and the crowd never leaves the dance floor. And the girls !!! Gordon & Co. will love it.

My gym is actually a karate Dojo. It is a scary place. Some of the old men are doing weights with their head and neck. They tie their head to the "Lat Pulldown". Upstairs the lads like to kick the crap out of each other in skirts with long sticks. I just don t know anymore !

Anyway, anything happening on monday evening. The AL is hitting home turf at nine. Who will be in town early on tuesday for a coffee?

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