Sunday, April 01, 2007


I eventually had the chance to sit down in the non-descript Hanoi café that had acted as my landmark since my arrival in the northern city. Delighted and truly surprised to find that for once I was the only foreigner in sight I then proceeded to order myself a strong black Vietnam coffee.

While waiting on my drink I couldn´t help but notice the photo, upside down from where I sat, that was laminated to the table top. Without even looking too hard I could tell easily from the colour and poses that it must surely be an Asian "boy band".

Pondering the subject I despaired that not even a heavy handed Communist regime chose to suppress such musical crimes against humanity. I asked myself would the world ever be free of them? But then it occurred to me of course that maybe they were indeed a creation of the regime, an instrument of propaganda aimed at today´s impressionable Vietnamese youth.

With these very thoughts in mind I inspected in a far more critical fashion the now not so innocent girlish faces that grinned up at me from between the sugar and ashtray.


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