Sunday, June 25, 2006

Classifieds - Ex- Pat style

The following advertisements feature in the June Classifieds of the two principle English Language Publications of Madrid.

“The choosy polyglot”
Spanish Guy from Madrid (28) looking for a girl to interchange Spanish for English, Russian, French, German, Swedish, new friends. If interested write to me to

“The innovator”
I’m a Spanish boy looking for females interested in learn Spanish with something more than a friend. I think it’s a good form to learn another language.

“Patience is a virtue”
Male Teacher, of English, Wants to meet someone to take advantage, in a fun way, of my language at no extra cost if you are an attractive female with a “Thong”. Waiting4U2@....

“The Strip Poker Shark”
Naughty boy looking for naughty girls to play some naughty games. Email me at loveinthebed1970@....

“Where’s my fake tanning lotion and afro wig!?”
Nice looking Spanish/Latin American Girl looking for hot African-American guys for hip hop dancing and sex without comment. (This is about “tongue exchange”, not language exchange). Must send pic. (I’ll send pic too) boobootylicious@...

“Not to be trusted”
Intelligent, Smart, Well Educated good listener young man wants to meet USA/European/Girls to take a coffee, talk, go for a walk, friendship. Not typical immature Spaniard. No games. davidben..@... .es

“The Question!”
Spanish Girls Wants A friend, un amigo (30-40, male, hombre) please, be “normal”! por favor alguien normal”! For cinema, talk…. the typical. Hay alguien normal? Is there somebody normal? My number. 605 407…

“The Answer”
I am still giving Free English Lessons to women of any age in return for something else, but I don´t want another exchange. Email me at happyteacher24@....

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