Monday, August 01, 2005

Former Portuguese Colonies
(in order of colonisation date)

(Straits of Gibraltar, North Africa) reverted to Spain in 1580. Portugal´s first attempt at colonizisation. They remain in Spanish hands.
Madriera Islands
Uninhabited when the Portuguese discovered them. Remain an autonomous region of Portugal.
Once used for sending criminals and political exiles. Azore means hawk in Portuguese. Remains an autonomous region of Portugal.
Portuguese Guinea
(West Africa) Used as a source for Slaves. Won independence in 1975 and renamed Guinea Bissau.
Cape Verde
Won independence in 1975.
Yes, before hippies and backpackers there were Portuguese !!! Was Portugal´s most important port in the east. Seized by India in 1961.
(Portuguese East Africa). Explored by Vasco de Gama.
"Portugal stood for all the evils of colonialism and none of the good. It took but did not give."
Mozambique was granted independence in 1975 after Portugal had sucked it dry of all wealth and resourses. First non British colony to become part of the common wealth in 1995.
(Now part of Malaysia)
(East Indies) Magellan found them. At the time they were the only places on Earth where Nutmeg and Cloves grew. Dutch took them in 1700´s. Now part of Indonesia.
An island of present day Iran.
East Timor
Lost by Portugal in 1974.
Sao Tome
(Gabon Islands). Lost by Portugal in 1974.
Claimed independence in 1822. Brazil´s minority black population are descendants of slaves sent from Portugal´s African colonies.
Was once a more important port than HongKong. Macao returned to Chinese control on December 20, 1999.
(Portuguese West Africa). Was the center of the Portuguese slave trade. Slaves were sent to the colony of Brazil to work on plantations. In 1975, Portugal abrubtlty exited from an ill prepared Angola.

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