Thursday, June 30, 2005

Cinema II

(see July 2003)


El Hijo de la Novia (Son of the bride)
Hollywood want to do remake. One of the most successful films to come out of Argentina.
Director: Campanella
Starring: Ricardo Darin, Eduardo Blanco.

Lugares Comunes (Common places)
An elderly middle class couple brave the nation´s economic crisis. Very moving.
Director: Arsitarein.
Starring: Federico Luppi.

Martin "Hache" (Martin Junior)
Argentine son moves from Buenos Aires to Madrid in order to live with his divorced father.
Director: Arsitarein.
Starring: Federico Luppi.

Said to be biographical. Partly set in time of Military Government. Slow but good.
Director: Arsitarein.

Famila Rodante (Family on the move)(new)
Four generations of a family set out for a wedding on the other side of country in a camper van.
Director: Pablo Trapero.

Luna de Avellenada
Set in a Buenos Aires Community Center, against the backdrop of the current economic crisis.
Director: Campanella.
Starring: Ricardo Darin, Eduardo Blanco.

Conversaciones con Mamá
The relationship between a man, his wife and his mother. Worth seeing if only to just enjoy the mother´s character in the film.
Director: Santiago Carlos Oves.
Starring: Eduardo Blanco.

El Viento (the wind) (new)
Argentina Rural Life versus Buenos Aires metropolis.
Highlights just how big and diverse Argentina is. Excellent story.
Director: John Milius.
Starring: Federico Luppi.

Memoria del Saqueo
Documentary. You don´t know the definition of corruption until you see this.
Unlike the tiresome Micheal Moore...this is factful, professional and not sensational.
Director: Solanas


Based around a group of chidren in the weeks leading up to the military coup. Brilliant.
Director: Andres Wood


Temporada de Patos (duck season)
Humourous. Black and white.
Director: Eimbcke

Guatamala / Glasgow.

La cancion de Carla (Carla´s song)
Starring Robert Carlyle. Curious movie. Worth watching. Difficult wartime subject matter.
Director: Ken Loach.


Tierra y Libertad (Land and Freedom)
Acclaimed film set in the Spanish civil war. A man from Newcastle, England goes to Spain to fight for the socialist militia against Franco. Perhaps inspired by George Orwell´s civil war novel. Incredible movie. My favourite.
Director: Ken Loach.

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