Thursday, March 31, 2005

PePe !

Most Spaniards who are named Jose will more often than not go through their lives being affectionately addressed to by all as Pepe. This is of course nothing unusual as we ourselves invariably change a Patrick to Paddy, a Susan to Sue, a Robert to Bob.....but from Jose to Pepe? Is that not pushing it a little?

Jose, the Spanish for Joseph was the name of the father of Christ. However as you may well know, technically speaking this is not exactly the case due to the Immaculate Conception. Therefore as Jesus is in actual fact of the Son of God means that Joseph (Jose) is, for want of a better term, merely considered to be his father on Earth.

And so it is that in Spain Joseph is commonly referred to as the presumed father of Christ... Padre Putativo. This is then shortened to P.P and being written as it is pronounced finally becomes.....Pepe !!

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